Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace
Now 'Watch' White - Time-Peace

Now 'Watch' White

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Enjoy every moment of your life. The NOW Watch is a great reminder to be present in the moment and live the now.

Note: the Now Watch White does not tell clock time, it tells the perfect time: Now.

It has become evident that mankind has forgotten its bond with nature. If you look at nature, you will notice the beauty of it is that nothing resists what is. When a leaf falls from a tree and lands in a stream, you don’t see any resistance from the leaf. Everything just flows. We lost this ability when we adopted the concept of time into our lives. Our purpose in life is not to worry, it is to Be. That’s where Time-Peace comes in.

Time-Peace is a revolutionary, new-age, spiritually based watch and clock company that is designed to help rekindle our connection with nature’s clock and see things from the right hemisphere of the brain, the side associated with imaginative and creative thinking. This side of the brain deals with the present moment, as information is streamed in through the form of interconnected energy, as opposed to the left side, which gives us an identity (an ego) and separates us from everything around us. The goal of Time-Peace is to eliminate psychological time (stress, worry) in the lives of users by reminding them through numerous creative, stylish and out-of-the box designs that the time is simply NOW. Each Time-Peace will function first to remind the user to stay conscious and present, while encouraging users to use clock time only when necessary.

Our mission is a worldwide one, so our company is too. Anyone is invited to join the “Dream Team,” by offering advice, ideas, and designs which will be dealt with on a personal level. Every person that joins the Dream Team is helping us get closer to our dream of world-peace, and love. It’s time to stop worrying and start Being.


The Time-Peace Symbol

The Time-Peace symbol is an integration of four universal principles that can help anyone live in the moment and create a foundation for peace:

*Time Is An Illusion*
The only moment that ever exists is Now.
*Perception Creates Reality*
You can change the world by changing the way you look at it.
*Everything Is Interconnected*
All is one, so love every one.
*The Universe Is In Alignment*
You are where you need to be, so stop worrying and start Being.


The Primary Function of a Time-Peace

The primary function of a Time-Peace is not to tell you the clock time, but to remind you that the time is always Now. We're trying to help people free themselves from the stress and worry created when we resist or disassociate from the present moment to focus on the past or future. However, we can still use clock time as a tool to function in society.



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