Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ship to my part of the galaxy?

A: Yes! Time-Peace is the world's first intergalactic watch company and ships to anywhere in the galaxy. No matter where you are in the universe, the time is always Now!


Q: If I order a Time-Peace, how long will it take to ship?

A: Check out our shipping policy for more info on shipping options and fulfillment times.


Q: How do I set the clock time on my Lightworker?

A: Tap and hold the center of the face to activate the clock time. When the lights activate, remove your finger. While the lights are still on, hold down on the face a second time until you see one blinking white light. Tap or hold until the desired hour is set. Let the watch sit for a few seconds until you see the blue minute lights. Tap or hold until the minutes are set, and let it be! You can check out our Lightworker Instruction Manual for a video explanation.


Q: How do I set the clock time on my new Presence peace?

A: Easy peacey! First, flip the watch over and locate the white battery tab on the top of the watch. Then simply remove the white battery tab from below the crown. Turn the crown of the watch until the hour and minute hands are correct. Finally, push the crown all the way down to get the watch running, you should hear an audible *click* if you did it correctly and the watch should start to tick. Now you're ready to rock your Time-Peace and get compliments! If you're still unable to get your Presence peace working, you can watch an instructional video here.


Q: If have one of the old school LightWarriors and I can't get it to light up anymore. What should I do?

A: Unfortunately the LightWarrior has been discontinued as of Now. Please check out our LightWarrior Instruction Manual for info on changing the batteries and setting the clock time. If you're still unable to fix it, you can contact us and we'll do our best to help you out!


Q: How do I set the clock time on my TP Slap-On?

A: Before you get to slappin', you betta get to settin'. To do this, peel back the silicon around the dial and just pop the face out of the band. Then simply turn the crown to adjust the clock time. Peace of cake.


Q: Who is Bedeekin?

A: Bedeekin Oobe is an Extraterrestrial Biological Entity type 1 from a planet moon of the Taygeta system in the Pleiades. His time on Earth is primarily spent teaching 'the way' and being the ethergenic/miacrosmological consultant to Time-Peace.