Our Story

Our journey began back in 2009 when Ian Koslow, the original founder of Time-Peace, became interested in the study of consciousness. While reading the book The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, Ian had a revelation. If the world’s perception of time is responsible for all of the psychological suffering in our lives, and the Now is the only moment that ever truly exists, then why not just create watches that remind people to embrace the present moment? 

When Ian presented the idea to a few of his other friends about creating a watch company that would be aimed at helping people change their perception of time, everyone immediately felt its potential and agreed to jump on board. The idea inspired us so much that we actually decided to take some time off from our studies to focus on spreading the message that we truly believed in. As crazy as it sounds, we envisioned it as something that could one day help change the world.  

Now obviously we didn’t have much money. We didn’t have any business experience whatsoever. We really had no idea what we were doing, but we had to start somewhere. So we came up with the idea to re-purpose pre-existing watches by taking them apart and adding the newly created Time-Peace symbol. We spent days, weeks, over each other’s homes back in Florida, working out of our parents’ living rooms just taking apart and creating Time-Peaces. The reaction to the first few watches we made was incredible. So many people wanted them and they were flying off the “shelves,” a.k.a. our bedrooms and garages, so fast that it was difficult for us to physically keep up with the orders being placed. 

 After our first year, we were able to order multiple lines of manufactured watches that we designed ourselves. We were able to donate to charities we love and support like Becca’s Closet and create one-of-a-kind peaces for different fundraisers like Breast Cancer Awareness. We were fortunate enough to interview some of the people who helped inspire us to create Time-Peace like authors David Jay Brown and Robert Waggoner. People like Tim Holtom (the nephew of the designer of the international peace sign) and Jon Lomberg (the illustrator for the great Carl Sagan) started reaching out to us just because they were intrigued by our symbol and philosophy. 

In just three years, Time-Peace managed to spread from our garage in South Florida to over thirty countries on six continents. For us, this was not only a good piece of news from a business perspective, but the fact that there were so many positive reactions from people from all over the world just shows that there are plenty of individuals out there who are committed to peace and are willing to make a difference with simple actions in their own lives.

Now you may be thinking, how can something as simple and as small as a watch or a brand help change the world? How can we be so bold to think that a wearable object can help bring about peace? Well we believe that change doesn’t necessarily have to happen with some big or momentous event. We believe that it’s possible to bring about change simply by doing, creating, or sharing something that challenges the little things that we think of as “normal” in our lives. And that’s exactly what Time-Peace does. It challenges us to open our minds to the possibilities of what life can bring if we just change the way we look at things. It serves as a constant reminder that we can all collectively create the world we want to live in if we just focus on and embrace what we can do Now. 
Nobody can change the world overnight, but each and every one of us can contribute to peace by changing little things in our lives. So even something as simple as a watch can help do just that, in this case by utilizing the Time-Peace symbol to remind us of four basic principles that we truly believe can help people not only live in the moment, but work together to resolve conflict around the world, expand our consciousness by opening our minds to new possibilities, and create a foundation for peace.