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Wall Clocks with Presence

The correct wall-mounted clock will transform a room. These in particular serve the additional purpose of being a reminder to stay present and live in the moment. The wood frames and stylish faces will enhance your wall décor and help you seize the moment.

Styles of Wall Clocks

We have all kinds of styles ranging from the bold to the more subdued styles:

Peace Sign Wall Clocks: The Time-Peace logo is marked by a tree of life, peace sign, and the right brain (creative side). Our most popular is the Original Time-Peace Peace Sign Wall Clock but they can also get more colorful like the funky Tie-Dye Wall Clocks.

NOW Wall clocks: What a better reminder to tell you that the time is now than to actually spell that out. Sacred geometry highlights the NOW in the Flower of Life Wall Clock, we also created a variant of the NOW Wall Clock inspired by Kid Cudi Man on the Moon.

Alien Wall Clocks: The Yggdrasilkin Wall Clock might sound like an alien name but it's actually from Norse mythology in regards to Odin and the Tree of life. Bedeekin also makes an all-black, intergalactic appearance for the Bedeekin Oobe