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Presence 40mm Unisex Watches

Presence watches are a fun and simple reminder to embrace the present moment. Re-release of our classic collection. Grab a "peace" of Time-Peace history Now! These funky alloy watches with silicon bands help feed the colors of your soul with a joyful touch of presence.

Peace Sign Watches & Tree of Life

The Peace Sign / Tree of Life is a staple of the Time-Peace logo. To the wearer, you're showing yourself a tree of life every time you look down; that's a symbol of personal growth, strength, and beauty. To the person in front of you, you are showing a peace sign.  A sign of welcome, warmth, and love.

Funky Styles for a Present Mind

Presence watches make a fantastic gift for friends, family, or to yourself. The vibrant bands and unique dial face designs are full of good vibes. You'll feel great wearing it knowing you're in the present moment and looking exceptional at the same time!