Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup - Time-Peace
Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup - Time-Peace
Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup - Time-Peace
Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup - Time-Peace
Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup - Time-Peace
Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup - Time-Peace

Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup

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Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup, start your morning with our contrasting ceramic mug, with a stylish handle reminding you to live in the present.


Hug in a Mug

Start every day right with your favorite hot drink in our Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup --  a ceramic mug with a stylish handle that reminds drinkers of all beverages to live in the present, while having some of life’s most intimate moments. Whether it is a cup of coffee in the morning to jump-start your day, or a cup of water to keep you hydrated throughout the week, this mug is the perfect thing to hold on to while enjoying your favorite drink.

  • Imported: processed and printed in the U. S. A.
  • 11 fl oz capacity
  • One size: 3.94 in(H) 3.15 in(W)
  • Made with high-grade ceramic
  • Durable & scratch-proof material
  • Dishwasher & microwave safe
  • Lead and Cadmium free

Bright Start for the Day

Few things can soothe the senses the way coffee or other warm drinks can. There isn’t an occasion that enjoying a warm drink from our favorite mug doesn’t make a little bit better. We rely on them to wake us up in the morning, or even to lull us to sleep at night as we put off trials and tribulations that may lie ahead for the next day. What better way to get ready for the day than to indulge in a warm cup full of happiness, the feeling that reminds you of a hug from a loved one as it goes down? The best days begin by having a warm cup full of our favorite drinks out of a contrasting ceramic mug, like our Hug in a Mug.  

Stylish Brew

Every Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup is as unique as the drinker holding it. The subtle optics of the contrasting colors on the rim and handle set this mug apart from other beverage holders. Having one of these mugs in your collection assures that you’ll no longer have any boring breaks or sleepy starts to any day – instead of the plain, boring mug that you’ve been using for years, style things up with this trendy one. Hug in a Mug makes for a more stylish set-up for your drinking experience, which enhances every drinking occasion.

Spreading the Love

We can tell you about how awesome our mug is all day long, but it might be more effective to show you some research. The results from one study show conclusive evidence that holding a warm drink makes people friendlier. There is also a biological explanation: warm beverages can remind us of early parental warmth from our infancy, and the associated nourishment that we relate these feelings to when we can feel our favorite drink seep through our body. This type of information, backed by science, tells us that spreading love is easier to do than you would think -- by sharing one warm cup or mug at a time, any situation seems more pleasant.

Excellent Gift Idea

The Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup is also an excellent gift idea. Think about it – how many people do you know start their day with a mug of coffee? If not coffee, everybody needs to drink water! This mug is perfect for family, friends, colleagues, or other loved ones to give on any given occasion. It makes every housewarming, graduation, Christmas party at the office, or retirement extra-special, as much as it does birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Hug in a Mug fits right in with any celebration – because everybody loves a stylish mug to embrace.

All-around Mug

Each mug is perfect – not just for coffee, but also for milk, tea, hot chocolate, or any other beverages. While the mug is intended for consumption of warm drinks, Hug in a Mug is also well-suited for cold beverages as well. Further, every mug is made from high-grade ceramic that is durable, scratch-proof, and safe for use in the microwave. With 11 fl oz. of capacity, the Hug in a Mug is made for sharing, especially during precious moments in life. Buy one now and allow this mug to make every teatime, coffee break, or the start and end of any day unique and more memorable.

For more color options, check out our Colorbrain Hug in a Mug Coffee Cup. This mug is available in red, blue, or black variations, and all materials and designs are processed and printed in the USA.

Time-Peace is a watch, clock, and lifestyle brand aimed at helping people change their perception of time so they can stop worrying and start Being. The Time-Peace symbol is an integration of four universal principles that can help anyone live in the moment and create a foundation for peace. 

*Time Is An Illusion* 
The only moment that ever exists is Now.
*Perception Creates Reality*
You can change the world by changing the way you look at it.
*Everything Is Interconnected*
All is one, so love every one.
*The Universe Is In Alignment*
You are where you need to be, so stop worrying and start Being.

The primary function of a Time-Peace is not to tell you the clock time, but to remind you to be present. This helps free you from the effects of psychological time; the stress and worry created when you resist or disassociate from the present moment to focus on the past or future. However, we can still use clock time as a tool to function in society.

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