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Sacred Geometry Shapes Ceramic Coffee Mug 11oz


Coffee is a warm hug in a mug for the soul. Nothing is better than a warm cup of joe while enjoying the present moment. Mindfulness does not have to be just sitting on a pillow and focusing on your breath. It can also be applied to simple everyday activities.

Coffee Mindfulness Exercise

  1. Next time you go take a sip of coffee (or tea), start by just looking at the beverage in front of you. Notice the steam and the swirl from your recently stirred coffee, sweetener, sugar, creamer, tea leaves, etc.
  2. Take a moment to take it all in, if you mind wanders about your email or any other thought gently bring your thought back to the hot cup in front of you (it can wait we promise!)
  3. Pick up the cup and hold it in your hands. Bring attention to the smoothness of the cup, the warmth on your hands. Take a deep breath while letting your senses tell you a story about the cup and its contents.
  4. Next pay attention to the smell before taking a sip, isn't that nice? As you take your first sip, notice how it feels on your tongue and as it travels down your throat.

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