Watches Gift Guide: How to Give the Gift of Time and Presence

Can we all agree that gift-giving brings a special kind of stress? It’s not easy to find the perfect gift for someone. You need a gift that captures that special person’s unique personality and interests.

Giving a watch as a gift is nothing new, but you don’t have to give that person in your life just any watch you find in the store. If you want to give them a more individualized gift, a Time-Peace watch brings plenty to the table. Find out why in our watches gift guide.

Why a Time-Peace Watch is a Special Gift

 When you give someone a Time-Peace watch, you’re not just giving them a stylish accessory. There are several advantages that are unique to our pieces.


The Gift of Peace

Most of us could use less stress in our lives, and that includes your friend or family member. A Time-Peace watch isn’t meant to keep them on schedule. It’s meant to remind them to pause and be present in the moment rather than worrying about what’s next.

A Time-Peace watch says more than, “Here, I thought you would like this watch.” It says, “I care about you and your happiness.”


Improving the Relationship

Being more present is a great way for your loved one to experience more joy and less stress in their life. As an added bonus, though, it can also help their friendship or relationship with you.

When people are more mindful and more present in each moment, they connect with others better. As a result, you’re likely to communicate better as a team and simply have more fun together.


Appealing to the Fashionistas

A Time-Peace watch is a great way to gain peace of mind, sure. But it’s also a fantastic fashion accessory.

These watches come in a range of styles so you can choose one that your friend or family member will love wearing on a daily basis. What’s better than having less stress? Having less stress without compromising style.


Nearly Universal Use

One of the challenges in gift-giving is finding the right gift not only for the person, but also for the occasion. An anniversary gift tends to look very different from a bar mitzvah gift.

A Time-Peace watch is as close to universal as it gets. It’s not excessively romantic or excessively platonic. It’s not too formal for a birthday or too casual for a graduation.


Choosing a Watch to Give as a Gift

If you’re giving a Time-Peace watch as your next gift, you’ve made a great choice…but that’s the first of many choices. How do you find the perfect one for that person in your life? Start with a few guidelines:


Consider Personal Style

You want to give your loved one something they can wear on a daily basis, so it needs to fit their style. Take a moment to think about how they usually dress and picture what style of watch would fit their look the best.

Sometimes the easiest strategy is to scroll through the pictures of our watches with that person in mind and see which ones jump out as reminding you of them.


Take Lifestyle Into Account


Speaking of choosing a watch your loved one will wear every day, think about how they spend their days. Is this someone who spends their days in sophisticated settings like board rooms? Or are they more of an adventurer, spending time on athletic fields and hiking trails?


Some of our watches are designed with indoor atmospheres in mind and others are designed to be more durable for the highly active crowd. Choose a watch that fits with your loved one’s lifestyle.


Using Your Watches Gift Guide to the Fullest

The watches gift guide above is a great starting point for choosing a gift that anyone in your life will love. At the end of the day, though, it should be a starting point. Ultimately, you need to go with your gut and choose the Time-Peace watch that speaks to you as the perfect fit for your loved one.


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