Time-Peace is Relaunching!

Hello Time-Peace Community,

Time-Peace was founded on the philosophy of embracing the present moment, with the mission of reminding everyone that the time is always Now. The company has been on an interesting journey since it was founded in 2009, but the goal has always remained constant. Despite having to pause operations for a few years in 2016, it is my utmost pleasure to announce that Time-Peace is officially relaunching!

The philosophy of the company remains the same; however, we will reopen with a renewed focus on quality and an improved customer experience. Our new collection of Time-Peaces is being manufactured using premium materials. Sapphire glass will protect the precision-machined Time-Peace dial, IP plating will be used for the most durable coating, and surgical-grade stainless steel will be used for the case and buckle. To improve the customer experience we will leverage the latest technology to relaunch our website on a streamlined and secure shopping cart platform. We will also offer free 2-day shipping on any new Time-Peace watch purchased via the site.

As humans living today, it's easy to be consumed by technology, work, and everything life throws at us. It's important for us to remind ourselves that the present is the only moment in which we can actually make a difference, and have an impact on the world around us. We hope you'll be part of the revamped Time-Peace, and you'll join our community of Dreamers on a mission to help the world stop worrying and start Being. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at support@time-peace.com.

100% human and sincerely yours,

Eitan Sisso
Time-Peace CEO

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