The Power to Control Time

Your Perception Creates Your Reality - Timeless Collection Time-Peace Watch in Costa Rica showing that perception creates reality and the time is now

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Did you know that you have a special, almost magical power? You can control time. Yes, you. You have the ability to make time speed and to move more slowly.

How do you activate this awesome power? - It’s all within your mind.


Making Time Speed Up

How many times were you sitting in a waiting room, desperately wishing that time would speed up? Maybe you were in line in a store. Time just seemed to drag by.

How do you get time to move more quickly?

The answer is to be “in the flow”.

You know that feeling when you’re doing something you love and you get wholly immersed in it? When you look up at the clock and suddenly realize that an hour has gone by? That’s the state where time seems to lose all meaning. When the seconds and minutes just fly by.

This same result happens when we are envisioning something we crave. Maybe it’s a delicious cupcake. Maybe it’s a night out dancing with our friends. We can become wholly lost in those dreams and imaginings. We look up and the clock has spun forward.

Use this power to your advantage.

If you’re in a situation you’d rather just get through, tap into your imagination. Bring up a situation which fills you with excitement. Something you’ve always wished you could do. Maybe it involves memories of a favorite time in your past. Immerse yourself in that world. Breathe in the scents. Soak in the sights.

The more detail you invest into the scene, the more fully you will engage – and the more quickly the current moments will tick by.


Making Time Slow Down

There are times you want to cherish. Times that you wish to treasure and soak every last moment of pleasure out of. You want time to slow down.

How do you slow down time?

The answer is to attain a state of relaxed awe about what is going on. It’s the type of sensation you might get when standing in front of an enormous waterfall, simply soaking in the beauty of nature. Maybe it’s that sense of “time standing still” when you look out at a stunning landscape. Your body is literally trying to draw in every last bit of information about what you are seeing.

The more new the situation is to you, the more that your mind naturally does this. It wants to be sure to learn as much as it can about what is going on.

So if you are aiming to draw out a scene, look for all those new and unusual aspects of it. Listen to the sounds. Draw in the scents. Look at every detail.

Allow your body to become aware of just how special this moment is. Just how precious. Release any stress or anxiety. Breathe deeply. Meditate on what you are seeing. Consider every last detail. Let it register on your mind.

Be present.


We Live in the Now

Our awareness is always in the present. We are sentient beings who are firmly grounded in the now. The only place we can act – the only place we can make decisions and have an impact – is this moment here before us. By tweaking the way we interact with now, we can change our perception of it.

Einstein famously explored how time, space, and objects are all related to each other. There is no one objective timeline. Time depends on a variety of qualities. For our brains, one of those qualities depends on how we, ourselves, observe that time.

Put that power to good use. Find ways to better utilize the times you wish to simply get through – and draw every last ounce out of the times you wish to savor.

Treasure the Now.

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