The Philosophy Behind the Creation of Time-Peace

It has become evident that mankind has forgotten its bond with nature. If you look at nature, you will notice the beauty of it is that nothing resists what is. When a leaf falls from a tree and lands in a stream, you don’t see any resistance from the leaf or the stream. Everything just flows. Our belief is that we lost this ability when we adopted the concept of time into our lives.

Due to our perception of time, humans have evolved to overuse the left hemisphere of the brain; the side that gives us an identity from the past, and a hope for salvation from the future. It’s important to realize that these thought forms are not real. They only exist in our minds. And it is only through this unconscious way of thinking, that the ego or false sense of self manifests. This causes us to forget that we are all connected by our shared consciousness of the same present moment.

We live in a world where people strive to be better than the next, rather than working together to achieve a common good. If people knew that their thoughts affected the universe, would they still act the way the do? If people understood that by harming someone else to gain an advantage for themselves, they were only hurting themselves because of the interconnectedness of everything, would the world be a different place? People can surely understand that an organism with organs that are at war with itself cannot survive.

Because a majority of the consciousness sees the world from the perspective of the ego, our dream is one where the world is a chess-board on which games are played as winners gain pre-eminence and perks over losers. As the collective consciousness moves toward higher stages, and the world becomes more present, the dream we all share can evolve into one of peace.

The role that Time-Peace will play in this inevitable process, is reminding everyone to be present in the Now. We believe that the only reason we live in a world not full of peace, love, and joy, is because of the worry, stress and fear created by the way we perceive time. Helping people realize that there is nothing to worry about if we just stay present and focus on right Now is of the utmost importance, and that is exactly what Time-Peace will do.

Time-Peace is a revolutionary, new-age, spiritually based watch and clock company that is designed to help people see things from the right hemisphere of the brain, the side associated with imaginative and creative thinking. This side deals with the present moment, as information is streamed in through the form of energy, as opposed to the left side; which gives us an identity, makes judgements on the world around us, and separates us from collective consciousness of humanity.

The goal of Time-Peace is to help minimize the effects of psychological time in the lives of users by reminding them through numerous creative, stylish and out-of-the box designs that the time is simply Now. Each Time-Peace will come with a manual that explains Time-Peace's philosophy, thus aiding in the process of eliminating stress and worry, while encouraging users to use clock time only when necessary. Each Time-Peace will first function as a reminder to the user to stay conscious and present in the Now.

While raising awareness and understanding, our products will help shift people’s focus to the present moment by providing the Time-Peace symbol and philosophy as a reminder through the time-telling devices that define our lives. It is our belief that Time-Peace will aid in the unfolding of the divine purpose of the universe, and we envision the Time-Peace logo one day becoming a universal symbol for peace.

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  • Robin E Bond

    I love your philosophy I recently purchased a white time peace as a gift but no manual was with it. I would appreciate one so I can give it to her.

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