Seize the Moment

Time-Peace watches in their gift boxes helping us seize the moment


Carpe diem – or seize the day – is one of the most popular sentiments in all of history. It was first mentioned over 2,000 years ago by Horace, a Roman poet, and has since been morphed by popular culture into tattoos, slogans, songs, and hashtags.

It’s obvious that this notion of “seizing the day” is something that people all over the world hold dear to their hearts. Doesn’t everyone want to look back on their life and say that they lived it to the fullest? Here at Time-Peace, we think live is about living for the moments, not just for the days.

Seizing every moment gives you thousands of more opportunities to live your life to the fullest than seizing the day does. When you’re fully present in each moment, you can decide the direction that you’re going to go in in a split second without waiting for the “perfect moment” to come along. Too many hours and days are spent planning, waiting, watching, instead of actually DOING!


Time is an illusion

This is one of our philosophies at Time-Peace. When there is no such thing as time, there is no longer such a thing as days, hours, minutes, or seconds. There is only right now. We cannot control how our days will go, we can only control how each moment is going to go by making conscious decisions, being fully present, and having the confidence that all the power we need to make our lives what we want them to be is directly within us.

When we finally understand that seizing the day is in fact impossible, as time is simply an illusion, we are free to seize every moment for what it’s worth: absolutely everything.


What would you do if you had more “time”?

Have you ever heard someone say, “There just aren’t enough hours in a day!”? It’s a common feeling that busy people have when they’ve just got too much on their plate. They’re looking at their day as a solid timeframe that they can’t squeeze enough time out of because eventually, it’s going to run out.

However, if even the busiest people could just shift their focus from everything that they NEED to do in a day to what they CAN do in just that moment, they might find that their days feel less stressful and more fulfilling.


Create your own moments

A healthy adult should spend a third of their day asleep (eight hours, if you will) which leave two-thirds of the day to do whatever you can. Unfortunately, the average American adult spends 11 hours interacting with screens – that’s more than another third of the day gone. So, when you work it all out, the average American adult has five hours to “seize.” Well, what is one supposed to do with that?

Here’s the solution Time-Peace is offering to you: seize every moment that you can. Be fully present and ask yourself if you’re taking full advantage of the moment that you’re currently in and make decisions for your life based on that. Imagine what you could do with your life, with your TIME, if you were able to navigate through each moment with integrity and control?

It seems that, in today’s technology-focus world, that seizing the day has become a pipe dream. The notion is something that everyone wants to attain, but finds it hard to, for one reason or another. Here at Time-Peace, we believe in being the masters of our own universe – that we have the ability to control time if we can only begin to seize the moments in front of us.

How will you seize this moment?

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