Every Night is New! Time-Peace Interviews Lana Sackwild

A conversation with lucid dreaming coach Lana Sackwild (Lucid Dreamers Unite 2020).



Ian- Hi everyone, my name is Ian and I'm one of the founders of Time-Peace which is an intergalactic watch company designed to help people change their perception of time so they can stop worrying and start Being, and today I will be interviewing Lana Sackwild who is a lucid dreaming coach, and she will be doing a lucid dreaming retreat with our friend David Jay Brown in April. So Lana, I'll let you introduce yourself and then we can get into the questions.

Lana- Cool ya, thank you for having me Ian. As you said, my name's Lana and I am a lucid dreaming and lucid living transpersonal life coach. And I'll be hosting the Dreaming Wide Awake retreat with David Jay Brown and also producing or finishing up my research project this year which is on the transformative and healing powers of lucid dreaming for mitigating depression.

Ian- Very cool, ok, so let's start this interview. Question number 1, should lucid dreaming be taught in elementary schools?

Lana- Ya, I think this is a really interesting question and I absolutely think it should be taught in elementary schools as one of the main difficulties with adults learning to lucid dream is that we have such limiting belief systems I guess embedded into us from growing up and being told what we can do, what we can't do from the people around us in our environments, whereas children don't have these kinda limiting beliefs and so as a child it's a great time to start the practice.

Ian- Ya, and do you think that, I'm curious how it could help them. Like for example if a child needs help with their math homework and they are in a lucid dream and they suddenly want Albert Einstein to appear to help them with their math homework, do you think that's something that is a possibility?

Lana- Ya for sure, definitely using dream characters and like exactly what you said, practicing something, practicing a skill, and even beyond that like I used lucid dreaming while I was a child to help me with things like nightmares and kindve empowering myself and then other random tasks like learning to ride a bike better. Those kindve things that sometimes you might struggle with as a kid.

Ian- Ya, I also agree with you. I think it would be really interesting if lucid dreaming was taught at a young age, and especially in school. Ok, let's move on, so tell us one of the coolest things that you've done in a lucid dream, or you could just tell us about a very memorable lucid dream that you had.

Lana- Ya, I wanted to tell you about one of my recent dreams that I thought was really cool and I haven't actually shared this online before so it stemmed from this idea that I had at the International Association for the Study of Dreams Conference or the IASD where they do a bunch of different workshops and I decided I wanted to go to a workshop that I thought sounded like the worst one. And it was a workshop on tarot and it was kinda mystic, and after going to that I actually thought it was my favorite one there. And so this really opened up my mind to working with different types of people that maybe I wouldn't have worked with previously. I worked with a friend who does a lot of crystal and energy work and we did a lucid dream session and her lucid dream task that we set up together was announcing to the dream or a character I'm ready to receive my crystal now. And I thought that was kind of cool and so that night I got lucid and I decided I wanted to try her task and I don't do any work with crystals myself so I found this kind of group of conscious children which is one of my really regular dream signs, I know that's one of David's as well. And I said to them, I'm ready to receive my crystals now, and all of these kids, there were 3 kids, they each gave me kind of these really beautiful crystal earrings which I wasn't expecting at all, and there were different crystals on them, different colors, different styles, and when I woke up that image was so strong with me and kind of in one of those weird synchronicity things I went online and this jewelry shop popped up that does customized jewelry. So I ended up contacting this woman and she actually recreated these earrings for me and I wear them all the time when I feel like I need a bit of a like energetic boost or something like that so I thought that was a kind of cool one cuz it really integrated well with my waking life.

Ian- Ya that's amazing, whenever things from the lucid world come into your waking life it's always pretty interesting.

Lana- Ya, how bout you, you had an interesting one recently?

Ian- Interesting lucid dream recently, I was able to speak with a friend who had passed away a long time ago and that's always really fascinating when you can do that because obviously in real life you don't have any chance to speak to them anymore but in the dream world you do, so that was pretty special. But one of the coolest things I think I've done in a lucid dream is meeting my dream guide, I think that's a really fascinating idea, the fact that we all have a dream guide and if you contact them in the lucid world then they might appear for you and then for me at least every time I did try to contact him, the same guide showed up.

Lana- I love that.

Ian- Ya, one of the most amazing things was one time I was lucid in a dream, I think I was in a city like New York City, and I called upon my dream guide and all of a sudden a silver mini van pulled up and the door opened and my dream guide was inside and he told me to get in the car, and when I got in, his whole family was in the car. It was his parents, and his sister, and I was just like blown away, like wow I'm in a dream and I'm meeting my dream guide's family. So that was pretty incredible.

Lana- Ya, I love that. How did you end up meeting your dream guide in the first place, was it just calling out to them or was it a particular situation?

Ian- Ya I remember, I think I was in a bathroom and I said something like "I want my dream guide to appear," somehow I was calling out for him, and then I think I turned around or he came through the door. It was a really long time ago. But it was just like this 10 year old kid, and he told me that his name was Harry Potter Tigger, and he was wearing a cape, and he had blonde hair, and every time after that that I called upon him, he showed up. So it was pretty cool.

Lana- Ya, ya, It's I think one of the coolest things that you can do as like a task or if you're just wanting to explore something is asking for your guide and, I know for some people they kindve seem to develop and change as they develop and change themselves, and for other people it's like the same person every single time, and it's really interesting.

Ian- Ya, the cool thing about lucid dreaming is there's no really limit, it's all about your own imagination and what you can create. So if you're having trouble achieving a task, if you can't do it, maybe your dream guide can help you, so that's just like an imaginative way to accomplish your goals in a lucid dream.

Lana- Ya, ya.

Ian- Because in a way that's what they're there to do, so that's pretty cool. So tell us a little bit about the lucid dreaming retreat that you're doing with David Jay Brown, and why do you think someone should wanna come to it?

Lana- Ya, so the retreat we're doing is called Dreaming Wide Awake. And it's like a 3 day, 2 night, lucid dreaming retreat, and we're kindve breaking each day down into different sections. So I guess you would say the first section is kind of all about investigation and investigating what your blockages are, whether they're spiritual, emotional, physical even, or looking at what your life purpose is. What the meaning of all this is, and I think that's a really important question to ask yourself when you get into lucid dreaming because, you know, we don't have boundaries in lucid dreams that we have in the waking state. So when you enter the lucid dream space it's really important to know what do I want to do here, and what do I want to do in my life if I don't have boundaries that you know, you may have in the waking state, like financial boundaries, or issues traveling, or being stuck in a human body, all of that stuff. So it's a really interesting way to start off thinking about what is your purpose, what's your goals, you know what's the meaning of all this. And the second day we move more into kindve implementation so me and David will be teaching a lot of different tasks and techniques so people can really experience a transformation essentially over night, you know. I think it's a huge issue nowadays with people being stuck on medications or going to therapy for like 10, 20 years, and just covering a bandaid essentially over you know these things rather than getting really to merge in core issues. Not that necessarily it has to be a negative thing, it can be a core issue of music, art, sports, relationships, really limitless. There will be a lot of techniques and workshops, and then the third day we touch on integration like how you integrate these experiences back into your waking life. How do you start living lucidly, not just at the retreat but after the retreat. Cuz at the end of the day this is a real gift that we want to share with people and we genuinely believe it can transform lives. So we also wanna create a kind of community, like a master mind community, connect with each other, be in a space to share all these things. So I guess if any of that at all is resonating with people than they are definitely someone who should check out more about the retreat which they can do through my website which is my name, lanasackwild.com/dreamingwideawake to get to the retreat page.

Ian- Ya that sounds really cool. I've always wanted to go on a lucid dreaming retreat. How did you actually find David?

Lana- That's really funny, actually David he advertised on Instagram or Facebook or something that he was giving away signed copies of some of his books, I think it was maybe Mavericks of the Mind or it might have been The Science of Psychedelics, and I have a lot of his books, I really love his work. And I just messaged him asking how about Dreaming Wide Awake? Which is obviously one of my favorites. And then I guess he just checked out my page and what I do, and our connection bloomed from there.

Ian- That's cool, David is also a friend of ours, and it was actually his book Mavericks of the Mind that was one of the biggest influences in starting Time-Peace, and we actually did an interview with him and then he actually used it in his book The New Science of Psychedelics, so now it's interesting that we're interviewing you in a different fashion. And now speaking of I guess maybe a slight synchronicity, I wanted to ask you, how does synchronicity play a role in your life?

Lana- It plays a role in a bunch of different ways, something that has been coming up for me really recently actually, it's happened over the last kind of 3 days is, things will just start popping up. Sometimes names of things, sometimes images of things, but I'm going to bring this up because it might resonate with you or anyone listening to this, but the last couple days I've been having this constant pop up with the name Oden. I mean, you know it'll be like someone mentioned it the other day or I saw it pop up a couple times, and I watched the Aaron Hernandez documentary and the person he murders is called Oden. Later on I just had the TV on in the background and it was some interior design thing while I was knitting and the interior designer was called Oden. And then later that night I was reading a book The American Gods and they start talking about the history of this God called Oden, like a Norse God. So I have those kind of weird synchronicities happen all the time, and then usually I wanna work them into the lucid state to kind of ask what am I being shown right now, or like what does this mean to me?

Ian- Ya, so you next time you get lucid you might want to try to meet this Oden figure, and who knows what he's gonna tell you.

Lana- Exactly, ya, how about you? I know you have a bunch of different sycnhronicities happen in your life.

Ian- I find that the more mystical state of consciousness that I'm in, the more synchronicity plays a role. And when I've been in a really mystical state of consciousness than the Universe speaks to me through synchronicity and I can see it everywhere and kind of my entire reality is based on synchronicity and metaphor which can be really magical but also kind of overwhelming at times. So it definitely plays a big role in my life as well.

Lana- Do you have anything that came up for you recently?

Ian- Ummm, hm, not really off the top of my head that I can think of.

Lana- Ya it's weird, they kind of fade in and out. Some of the time I'll go without anything happening and then other times it'll be like this week where things keep popping up again and again, and usually for me if something happens more than 3 times in a row, I'm like okay, the Universe is trying to tell me something right now.

Ian- Ya, this is a really interesting question that I've been wanting to ask you for a little while, and it's something that I wonder about or have experienced or thought about, but have you ever felt like you were being tested in the dream world by higher dimensional beings?

Lana- Ya. I had a bunch of really weird wizard dreams a lot in a row, where there were these, I don't know if they were necessarily wizards or kind of entities, but very powerful, magical entities I guess that have you know, forces that we don't have in our waking life so things like they would be able to do things like stop me from moving, stop me from controlling the dream, or stop me from using any kind of powers. And for a long time I was very scared of them and I didn't really know why they were there and why this was happening. They would come up in sleep paralysis as well, and then essentially I kept trying to fight against them and I felt like it was this kind of test where eventually I would become powerful enough to defeat them. But this was just not working and actually the more I tried to fight against them, the less powerful I felt. And so one night I decided to just let them win or whatever and see like maybe I have to go through some death or whatever it is, and when I stopped fighting against them I actually felt like some form of compassion for them and this kind of feeling came up of like, what's the point in me fighting these people? I don't even know what we're fighting for and I actually feel sorry for them that they're using their power against me or that kind of stuff, and that's when everything shifted and when I started flowing with the dream instead of fighting against it these people or entities shifted and they stopped using their power and I started regaining power. So I think that was like a, I felt like that was pivotal moment or a kind of test in my lucid dream where I learned to work more with the flow state and that it's not entirely about me controlling the dream and me setting out everything and more of a kind of two way mechanism with me controlling part of the dream and the dream also controlling part of the dream if that makes sense.

Ian- That sounds pretty interesting and intense. This questions might be a little abstract or a little strange or whatever, but is there any purpose for all this? And when I say this I mean the Universe, Life, and what is it?

Lana- Hmm, ya, I guess for me I thought about this a lot over the new year and I felt like for me the purpose is just connection and relationship and I think that's one of the only things that we really take with us throughout our whole lives is the different connections we have to other people and I think it's such an important thing not just between people but species, and plants, and the way that we're networking and the internet and all of this going on seems to be a deepening of connection to self and other and I guess through doing this work it's something that's come up as well as one of the only things that take between worlds, and through death and all of that is just the connections we have. What do you think?

Ian- So you would say relationships really are kind of the meaning. Um, I don't know for me I read Tom Campbell's My Big Theory of Everything and he talks a lot about experience and love is the purpose of everything, and I think Alan Watts says the purpose of life is just to live. And for me, I don't know it's something I think about and I'd like to think the purpose of the Universe is some sort of cosmic love and that's the purpose and the meaning behind everything. David Jay Brown had a pretty interesting answer when I asked him about it. Something about the purpose is for the outer world to eventually match the inner world, something like that but we'd have to look back at the interview. But ya, for me I don't really know. I'd rather not even answer the question, I'd rather ask you the question. The next question is, and this is also something very interesting, do you think that there's any independent reality to the dream figures that you meet in your dreams? Or do you see them more as a manifestation of yourself?

Lana- Ya this is a weird one and one that actually I change my mind on it all the time. Up until maybe last year I would very strongly and ya know firmly believing that dream characters are just different segments of ourselves or different parts of our psyche kind of like what we use in the internal family systems coaching method and that you're just trying to connect and reintegrate parts of the self, but actually very similar to you, I started having dreams where I was connecting with deceased people or deceased family members, friends, people who had passed and a lot of these characters seems to have consciousness that is not of my own. I'm not in control of them, they're not regurgitating my thoughts or anything like that, they want weird things that I want them to do, and they seem to just have their own agenda and that really confused my belief system entirely. I'm not really sure what to think about them anymore, I'm sure you've had your own experience with these kind of conscious beings as well, right?

Ian- Ya I mean it certainly, it's hard to believe that they have their own independent realities but then at the same time it certainly seems that way when you're communicating with them. So I don't know, I would think the answer is maybe a combination somehow of both. That they might be an aspect of yourself but they might also be other dimensional beings that do have their own independent reality. I'm not sure, it's a really interesting thing to think about.

Lana- Ya I know that, I kind of refer to the regular characters as puppets and I think they are parts of ourselves, and they'll do things like when you're thinking about something they'll say it, or they can see something that you can see if they're not facing that way. So they do seem to be connected to the individual dream character, but ya, these kind of conscious beings and entities that appear and they seem to know knowledge that you might not know yourself. These kind of things, it gets to bit of a grey area, and if anything's come of this work it's I don't set limits on anything anymore. I'm open to them being their own form of consciousness.

Ian- Certainly when I've conversed with them or talked to them I think they will tell me that they do have their own reality and look at you like "what do you mean? How could I not have my own reality?"

Lana- Ya, ya I've had people tell me that, I've been like this is my lucid dream and they've been like no this is my dream, and have full on argument with them almost, so I don't know.

Ian- Ok, fill in the blank. Psychedelics have the power to blank.

Lana- Heal. I would say that seems to be the new, well it's not new but, the reality that's now coming into our reality with all of this new work and research on the healing powers that they contain. What would you say?

Ian- Umm, I don't know if the Universe needs to be saved but I would say psychedelics have the power to save the Universe, or maybe heal a person or heal the planet, so obviously they have tremendous potential.

Lana- Ya, I think it's such a shame that it's taken this long for us to be allowed to use them for healing again on a wider scale with these tests for MDMA, for PTSD, or psilocybin for different traumatic treatments and relationship building. But I'm glad it's finally here, finally happening and it's definitely gonna help us progress consciously in the future.

Ian- Ya definitely. Do you believe that all people have equal potential to lucid dream, or only those with higher consciousness?

Lana- No, I think anyone who wants to get into lucid dreaming can do it, and actually I think 20 percent of people in general or something around there will have a spontaneous lucid dream at least once in there life. And then I think it's like 50 percent or something of people, the general population will have a spontaneous lucid dream once a month so, it's definitely happening for a lot of people and I think anyone who wants to can do it.

Ian- Ya, I tend to agree and I think that lucid dreaming is really just about awareness so as long as you can implement awareness, because when you get lucid you're just becoming aware that you're dreaming so you should always reality check, and I'll pinch myself right now just to make sure I'm not dreaming right now. Yep, I'm awake. Okay, do you think that lucid dreaming could be used as a type of meditation for people who are struggling with mental illness?

Lana- I don't necessarily think a meditation immediately, but I think that a later state possibly a more spiritual or mediation based approach could be used. From the research that I do on depression it seems like people seem to work with lucid dreaming going through 4 stages. First being more centered around self exploration, and then once they've kind of explore the self a little bit more they start getting more creative, more empowered, and then the final state seems to be a kind of transpersonal, spiritual exploration. So, maybe in the later stages it's something that comes out of it but, definitely in early stages with mental illness it's very, there's a very fine line between what people should use it for.

Ian- Okay, do you think that a think tank can be created for solving real world problems in lucid dreams?

Lana- Ya. Absolutely, and I know that there's already been a lot of real world problem solving going on from lucid dreamwork. There's a lot of famous examples in the science field like solving how to arrange the periodic table of elements, or how to look at different atomic structures. Even using some, creating some medicines, I know that there's something to do with how sugars and insulin medications work. So, I think that it would a great tool to use as a real world kind of think tank, and it's a real shame that it's not being used right now actually.

Ian- Ya I've always imagined like a network of ideas between really intelligent people that were meeting up somehow in lucid dreams and coming up with solutions. Have you ever become an animal in a lucid dream?

Lana- Ya. I love actually changing form in lucid dreams, like interspecies and different genders and all that stuff. One of the weird ones I experienced recently was becoming a bat. And I had this lucid dream where I was in this swarm of bats and I was very aware that I was suddenly a bat and I remember feeling the leathery kind of wing stuff. And I actually felt really uncomfortable, I didn't feel comfortable being a bat at all and I remember feeling like this kinda impostor and the bats were practicing this kind of swooping method in the cave, and I remember thinking I need to join in. But ya, feeling like an impostor I guess, and having really bad eyesight and all that stuff that goes along with being a bat. So that was a weird one, but one of my favorite animal ones is just being like a really big cat and like running fast and that kind of stuff. Have you tried any animal dreams yourself Ian?

Ian- Ya just once I became a dolphin and I just remember being mesmerized exploring the ocean and it was just really psychedelic and all the colors I was seeing were just absolutely stunning. And I was just seeing all these kind of trippy fish and weird psychedelic creatures, it was pretty cool. But I haven't explored that enough.

Lana- Ya, ya, it's cool if you're some kind of fish cuz you get to experience that under water life.

Ian- Do you believe that people can be physically healed through lucid dreaming?

Lana- Ya I do. I think there's so many accounts of physical healing through lucid dreams, like with a quick Google search there's so many people, and I've had one of my own experiences. Luckily I usually don't have any physical problems, but I had a dream last year, a lucid dream where I was supposed to be conducting interviews and a couple of days before I started conducting all these interviews for my research I lost my voice. And my voice was fully gone, 100 percent, this had never happened to me before and I couldn't talk, I couldn't do anything. And so I decided to get lucid that night and I had this epic dream that was really long, and in part of it I was at a bar and I would go up to the barman and I asked him if he had anything to help me with my voice, and I told him the situation in my waking life. And ya know he just kindve looked at me like "Oh ya, I've got the exact thing for you," went rummaging around under the bar and brings up this huge glass bottle container and he's like "just drink this." And I was drinking it, and it was basically the ingredients that you would use for an omelette or something, like it was a bunch of eggs and different spinach and mushrooms and pepper and all that stuff. And I drank it and I remember feeling that very liquidy, solid feeling going down my throat. And I moved on with the lucid dream but when I woke up my voice was like 100 percent. It was completely fine and I know no one can necessarily link those 2 things, but I think when you have a personal experience, and I know what my voice was like and how much my throat hurt, and then just waking up from that and it being fine. I was like, that has to have something to do with it.

Ian- Ya, I mean it worked for you. In Robert Waggoner's book, Lucid Dreaming: Gateway to the Inner Self he talks a lot about healing in that book. I've experimented a little bit myself whenever I've had a family member that got sick somehow or a friend, the next time I got lucid I would find them or I would imagine them and I would shoot white healing light from my hands and imagine that it was going to them, and they've all been fine. Not to say that I've done anything, but it's possible, you never know.

Lana- Ya I definitely believe in that, ya.

Ian- So that's another really interesting aspect of lucid dreaming because it might have the ability to heal people.

Lana- Ya it's worth giving it a try.

Ian- Exactly. Is there any part of the brain that controls the functioning of lucid dreaming? Does lucid dreaming have any reported health benefits or effects on the body if occasionally done?

Lana- Ya. The thing a lot of articles have found is that it's the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex which is one of the main areas of the brain that turns on in lucid dreaming and is essentially just deactivated in a regular dream state. And I guess that part of the brain kind of plays a role in our cognitive capabilities or vision making and kind of self reflection or self reflecting, those kind of things. And I'm not a neuroscientist so I don't know the ins and outs of it, but there's a great article for those who are really interested in the different parts of the brain, to kind of know the science of that called The Neural Correlates of Dream Lucidity Obtained From Contrasting Lucid Dreams Versus Non Lucid Dreams. I think that's the title. Something like that but, they go really in depth on the exact parts of the brain that are essentially online while lucid and the parts that are online during REM sleep or non REM sleep and that's really interesting. And then to answer the rest of your question, I guess I'd say that the main health benefits in the physical way are those things like creating a higher state of awareness, increasing meta cognition, cognitive intelligence and problem solving techniques. And also that the lucid dreaming really helping with things like PTSD, trauma, nightmares, and all those things do affect us physically. So I would say that those are the huge health benefits that can be changed through lucid dreaming.

Ian- Ya and I would say that any time I've had an amazing lucid dream I always wake up feeling better than usual so that might be a health benefit in itself.

Lana- Ya, a lot of people as well seem to have this idea that lucid dreams means that you're not getting enough sleep but I've read in quite a lot of places that the lucid dream state is actually a kind of deeper sleep. So you should actually be getting a better rest and waking up feeling more rejuvenated.

Ian- Right. If you realized that you were lucid right now what would you do?

Lana- Umm, I mean I would definitely be asking about this Oden situation, that's for sure. Another thing that is on my list is, I always ask to see my higher self, kind of like what you do with the dream guide. I always ask my higher self or my dream guide what I need to see right now or what I need to be shown. Another practice that I'm really interested in, I don't know if you do work in this but I'd like to use lucid dreaming in combination with remote viewing. So maybe trying to see something or an item in someone's house or something, where I could see it and then check in with them if that was actually true or not. Does that make sense?

Ian- Ya, I've done some experiments with that as well.

Lana- Oh yeah?

Ian- A little bit, ya. Okay, so we're getting down to the end. My question is about athletes and artists and lucid dreaming. Do you believe that people can become better at sports or art through practicing in lucid dreams? And are there any artists or athletes througoht history that you believe were avid lucid dreamers?

Lana- Ya, 100 percent. My research supervisor, he's done a lot of studies on sports science and how you can get better at a sport or physical training through the lucid dream state. He has a bunch of articles on that that are really interesting. And that definitely crosses the line with art with music. I know Salvador Dali, his paintings were inspired by lucid dreams and one of the famous musical features I know is the song Yesterday by Paul McCartney who was a Beatle. So ya, I think there's a bunch of different accounts throughout history with people being guided by dreamwork. And also to this day as well I know a lot of different artists and musicians that take creative inspiration from their lucid dreams.

Ian- Right. Here's a bonus question. If you were in a lucid dream and you were going to a concert who would make up the band that you would wanna see in this lucid dream world?

Lana- I had a dream recently that I saw Deftones, do you know the band Deftones?

Ian- I don't really listen to them, I don't know.

Lana- Ya I've never seen them in real life but they came up in my dream, just a regular dream. And I was having an awesome time and I wondered why they came up, cuz I haven't listened to them since I was probably like 15 or 16 or that kind of thing. But it was really nostalgic and I remembered how much I loved that music and I kind of listened to it again, like listened to the old albums. And I really felt that thing like I wish I had seen them. So I guess it would be Deftones for me, how about you?

Ian- I think I would like to see a concert with George Harrison, John Lennon, Bob Marley, and David Bowie.

Lana- Oh wow, that's a much more epic combination.

Ian- I think that would be fun. Okay, is there anything you wanna tell us before you go?

Lana- Please get in contact with me. As I mentioned I love connection and I think this is already such a small community, you know the lucid dreaming community, so I love connecting with other lucid dreamers. And ya, please if you found this interesting, share it, keep spreading the magic, keep spreading the joy of lucid dreaming. I don't think I'm ahead of anyone or on a pedestal or anything. I think this kind of field is so small that it is really important to share our lucid dreams and, your lucid dream story might change the life of someone else, so it could be really healing and ya, keep living lucidly.

Ian- Okay, I just wanna thank you for doing this interview with us. I think some people will probably find it fascinating and if you are interested in learning to get lucid I suggest checking out Lana and David's retreat. Go to lanasackwild.com, check out time-peace.com for a cool Time-Peace, and have good dreams tonight.



Call Summary:
01:40 Should lucid dreaming be taught in elementary schools?
03:31 Coolest thing you've done in a lucid dream
09:07 Lucid Dreaming Retreat with David Jay Brown
13:38 How does synchronicity play a role in your life?
16:28 Have you ever felt like you were being tested by higher dimensional beings in a dream?
19:15 The purpose for life
21:22 Do you think there is any independent reality to the dream figures you meet in your dreams or are they a manifestation of yourself?
24:41 Psychedelics have the power to _________
26:00 Do all people have equal potential to lucid dream?
27:00 Could lucid dreaming be used as a type of mediation for those struggling with mental illness?
28:13 Can a think tank be created for solving real world problems in lucid dreams?
29:24 Have you ever become an animal in a lucid dream?
31:12 Can people be physically healed through lucid dreams?
34:12 Is there a part of the brain that controls the functioning of lucid dreaming? Does lucid dreaming have any health benefits on the body if occasionally done?
37:03 What would you do if you realized you were lucid right now?
38:12 Can people become better athletes or artists through practicing in lucid dreams?



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