Dreamers Send In Your Photos!

 Time-Peace wants to express our love to you,

 Shout out to fans like Werneri, Euger Man, Gro, Liza and Metro-Zu.

This poem is for dreamers so they understand what to do,

With the old custom watches and new Time-Peaces too. 


We want to see your photos, we know you’ve taken some already,

From England to Australia we need all our fans to be ready.

Time-Peace is reaching out further than ever before,

We're back again and we're swinging open perception’s door. 


Scattered around the planet the tree of life hugs so many wrists,

Connecting us in ways loving people cannot resist.

Photographs can include stickers stuck to cool places,

Time-Peaces, t-shirts, and your smiling faces. 


So send us your pictures and send us your love,

And for the ones who inspire and leave us in awe of,

We’ll send magic boxes gift wrapped by Bedeekin,

With more Time-Peace goodies that will leave you freakin’. 

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