Be Here Now, Even In Times of Chaos

Calm in Chaos

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We get it. We’re in this with you friends. We too are getting trampled for toilet paper, staying at home as much as possible, and in line for gas. Hurricane habits die hard, am I right Floridians? It seems like the world has been shaken like a Polaroid picture with no end in sight. Here’s the thing though --we got this! 

The message at Time-peace has always been the same. Stop Worrying, Start Being. Are you practicing that? Or are you going b-a-n-a-n-a-s? No matter what watch is on your wrist, no matter what part of the world you live in, our message is a constant among chaos. Stop Worrying, Start Being. 

How can we possibly do that as humans in a time of a pandemic? We have families we take care of, little humans to feed, bills to be paid, and overall basic necessities in life that get to be met. This rapid growing pandemic seems to be messing with our vibe every minute. So, how can we possibly stop worrying and start being? 

Three words: Be here now. 

You are probably thinking, ma’am, whoever you are, you are insane. But seriously, stay with me. Like I said in the beginning, we’re in this with you! 

Be: First and foremost, Take. A. Breath. In fresh air. Step outside, open your door, or stick your head out the window if needed. I don’t know where you are, but you are capable of breathing, and that is the first step to being here now. Then, get grounded. Physically ground yourself, become aware of the surroundings and be present to your body. When we are grounded, we are more likely to be kind to ourselves and others, open to opportunities and level-headed in decision making. Then check in on how you feel. Are you losing your marbles around your partner, or are you playing the “let’s clean behind the couch” game with joy? Ya’ll, Attitude is everything! 

Breathe, ground, check in... BE. 

Here: Maybe you're working from home, or still at the office. Maybe you’re getting gas or at the grocery store. Wherever you are- be there. Don’t think about the next line you need to wait in, or what you are going to do for the next few days in quarantine. Be present. Really truly 100% in the moment. Be engaged and focused on that task. If you’re shopping for almond butter- shop for almond butter. Don’t check your instagram for the latest Corona meme. I’ve done it too, it doesn’t serve us! Or if you're playing hide & seek with tiny humans, don’t hide under the bed to answer work emails for an hour. Have fun, be with them. Be HERE now. 

Present, engaged, one task at a time… HERE. 

Now: Have a plan. Yes, have a plan NOW. Your energy is up, you’re present. Make a plan. Just like my girl Rachel Hollis says: Hope is not a strategy. Get the food. Get the gas. Plan the bills. Schedule the kids entertainment. Set your work hours. Whatever your plan looks like, do it now. Seriously, pen & paper it like the 90’s and write it down and make it happen. And when you do it, have fun with it! Getting groceries may seem like a fight for your life, seriously people are not playing about their coffee creamer, but have fun with it. Oh, and please be kind to the people working right now. They deserve a vegan cookie. Listen, we’re not saying that to create worry. We are saying it because when a plan is in place, we are less likely to worry. It supports us and creates ease in our minds and bodies. 

Write it down, do the thing, have a plan… NOW. 

Friends, we know everything seems to be upside down, inside out and on it’s side at the moment, but we got this. And we will get through this. Time-Peace sees you. We honor you and high-five your greatness during this time of chaos. And remember to be here now

Stop Worrying, Start Being. 

With all our love and light, 

Taylor Shechter of Time-Peace

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